Monday, March 3, 2014

Samsung Launching People

Do you have any wonderful ideas to improve the life of your community? You might have a thought to make a much more fun way for children in your neighborhood to learn. Make your ideas and dreams come true with Samsung 'Launching People' campaign. Launching People is Samsung Electronic's platform to discover awesome, creative, talented people. With great and advance technology Samsung is having, anything is possible to realize!

This is how the program works:

1. Submission
January 15 - March 15 2014: Samsung will choose for 4 people's ideas and turn them into reality! Send your submission to one of the categories available below:
- Start-up: Establish a potential business model that is worthwhile, and at the same time, applicable in the region where you live.
- Invention: Think about what community in the modern need these days, something that is innovative and unthinkable before.
- Fashion: Create a breakthrough how you want people to identity themselves with fashion, set a new style that is unique and fresh.
- Education: Develop a fun and enjoyable method of learning that might change the future of education. Technology has made life easier as it changes the way people learn today. A great method of learning can bring out tomorrow's leaders into a brighter future. 

2. Voting
March 4 - March 18 2014: Shortlist of 8 finalists, two from each category.
March 19 - 9 April 2014 Public will vote for 4 finalists.

3. Launching
April onwards: The announcement of four finalists and the launch project with mentors.

Send your submission to get a chance being endorsed by Samsung and guided by professional mentors to guide you with your ideas, to get training course to improve skills and win Samsung products. For more information, visit Launching People Facebook page here for English and here for Arabic.